About Tripology

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tripology.com?

Tripology is a new website aimed at connecting you with travel agents that specialize in the type of trip you wish to take. We decided to start Tripology.com because we wanted to take the hassle out of finding a great travel agent. There are a lot of expert travel professionals out there with a great deal of useful knowledge and terrific prices, but people don't have a good way of finding them. And they don't have a good way of finding you.

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How does Tripology work?

With Tripology.com you tell us where you want to go (say, to Africa) and what you want to do while you're there (say, an adventurous safari in Tanzania). We then send your request to travel agents who specialize in exactly the type of trip you're interested in. Usually within 24 hours, you'll receive an email or phone call (your choice) from up to three travel agents who can help you plan your trip. Choose the one that you like best, and go ahead and book with them directly.

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Why should I use Tripology?

You should use Tripology if you want to take a trip that would be difficult to plan by yourself. We will match you up with the perfect travel agents to help you plan your trip. And Tripology is a free service for travelers like you. Why not use Tripology?

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Does Tripology cost me anything?

No. Tripology is a free service for travelers. We do not charge the traveler a fee for any action they take on our site. We offer travelers like you the opportunity to submit a free specific or general trip request through us to the travel agents that specialize in the destinations, the transportation and the activities for which you are looking. We do charge up to three travel agents a small fee if they wish to contact you. That is how our business is able to operate.

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Why should I use a travel agent?

Planning a great vacation or trip takes time and specialized knowledge. A great travel agent who understands the kind of vacation or travel experience you are looking for can save you countless hours you'd otherwise spend on numerous websites in search of information.

And if you're doing all the planning and booking by yourself on the Internet, you may end up booking your travel arrangements over a range of different websites and suppliers, located in different countries, and not connected with each other. If something changes with one of your bookings, the other arrangements will need to be adjusted by you, and any conflicts or mistakes might not be so obvious as if you'd booked everything through a single source.

A good travel agent will provide you with a broader and more complete range of services for your trip than can be found on the Internet. And the ability to conveniently speak with a real person can make all the difference when you have a problem, or need some special advice or assistance. A good travel agent first gets to know you and learns about you, your approach to travel, what you like to see and do.

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If I submit a trip request using Tripology, do I need to book a trip with the agents who contact me?

No. We will have up to three travel agents contact you to help you plan your trip. And we do hope you and one of the agents end up working together. But if you are not interested in working with any of these agents on your trip, you are not obligated to do so. We only ask that you come back to our site throughout the process to let us and the Tripology community know how your experience was, both in working with the agents and in taking the trip.

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Can I book some of my travel elsewhere?

Absolutely! We're here to help you find a travel professional to help you with either portions of your trip or all of it. If you've already booked your flights, for example, you may still need help with hotel stays, rental cars, activity planning or tour guides. You may need flights during your trip that you had trouble booking online (i.e. from Athens to Santorini). A travel agent can help with that, and we can find you the right one to do so.

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How many agents will contact me if I submit a trip request?

Up to three travel agents will contact you either via email or phone (depending on your preference). We will also pass the agent's contact info along to you as soon as they indicate their interest to us in working with you.

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How can I be sure I will be introduced to good travel agents?

We require travel agents to go through a screening process in order to be able to contact you. Each travel agent must register and fill out a profile on Tripology.com, and they must provide valid contact information, including a phone number and email address. They then must indicate their regions, cities or countries of specialization, the type of traveler budget they prefer (economy, moderate or luxury), and the types of travel they plan and book (flights, cruises, hotels, rental cars, activities/tours). They also have the option of writing a personal statement to their potential clients, and may indicate what specific trip types they specialize in (such as honeymoons) as well as what activities (such as skiing) that they excel in planning. An agent can also indicate any accreditations that they have earned. The closer they match to your request, the more likely it is they'll receive a notification about your trip request.

Travel agents are aware that travelers whom they are connected with via Tripology.com will be encouraged to provide feedback on them, so as to enable future travelers to see consumer ratings and comments about a specific agent. Tripology also reviews its travel agent profiles before sending trip requests to those agents.

Another key factor to consider is that the travel agents who contact you have paid us a small fee in order to do so. They would not do so if they did not believe in their ability to plan your trip.

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How does Tripology make money?

We make money by charging up to three travel agents a small fee if they wish to contact you. Tripology is a new kind of lead generation web site, a relationship-oriented form of marketing where a business (the travel agent) and traveler (you) are matched up with each other in an efficient, time- and cost-saving way. Everybody wins at Tripology!

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