Since Tripology.com launched in June 2007 we have matched thousands of travelers with the right travel specialists. These travelers below — along with thousands of others — have found Tripology.com to be a vacation-changing tool thanks to the travel specialists with whom we've matched them.

I was impressed by Anne's knowledge and energy. Good match.
— Susan D., California, United States
This was my first trip abroad and Jamie was very knowledgeable. Great communication. Definitely will use again, and strongly recommend.
— Chris S., Texas, United States
Suzette was amazing! She really customized our honeymoon, and everything was perfect. She was very knowledgeable about the best places to stay...I highly recommend using her, as we will be using her for any trip we take!
— Joe M., Tennessee, United States
She went above and beyond her call of duty as she was on the phone working with me until 3am and even 4am two days in a row! I do not feel that I could have found a better match. Thank you so very much for bringing me the perfect person. I will refer her to everyone that requires such services, and I will continue to do business with her. Thank you so very much Tripology.com!
— Siobhan C., Kansas, United States
I will tell you that our trip is going to be downright amazing and we owe a WHOLE LOT of that to the travel agent we found through tripology. I received a response from Karen that was personalized, as if she had actually taken the time to read our intended itinerary. After contacting her and going back and forth for a while, we ended up using her for everything. (Our original intention was only for flight purposes, but she seemed so knowledgeable about hotels and tours, that she ended up booking everything for us.) She also helped us decide and shift around some of our destinations. So far, amazing experience. And this was the first time I have ever used a travel agent! Karen has been pretty amazing. I have actually recommended her to quite a few friends. I have also mentioned tripology.com and just how easy the process has been!
— Laura B., Arlington, VA
I think your site is an extremely innovative concept, that offers independent travelers like me the opportunity to interact with travel agents like Sue, when I would never walk in the door of a local agent. Sue is great and has been very prompt in her responses to my inquiries. I'm looking forward to working with her on my trip to Mongolia! I've always planned my own trips and done the legwork, so when I read about your site and the chance to work with agents that can offer true value-added services in the preparation of this trip-of-a-lifetime, I jumped in with both feet!
—Sarah M., South Carolina
Rachelle was an expert in the kind of vacation I was planning and saved us from a disastrous mistake we were about to make. I really enjoyed working with her.
— Karen B., Maryland
It was great having someone who had grown up in Dublin planning our trip there. He knew the places to avoid and the spots to plan on. Our trip is in March 2013 and we're very excited. He did a marvelous job from the airline seating to the pick of hotels.
— Lennea T., Arizona
Vicky is very thorough on her recommendations and her follow up. I was very pleased with her services. Vicky knew what she was doing and went beyond what was expected of her.
— Debby B., Illinois
Sangita has been extremely helpful and has provided us opportunities on our trip to Southern India that we could never have found on our own, or maybe even with another agent.
— Charles H., Illinois
Jennifer is extremely knowledgeable about Caribbean destinations. Very organized and is always quick to respond to questions. Makes planning our destination wedding easy!
— Nicole M., Pennsylvania