Florida Beaches with Shallow Water Spots for Small Children

photo credit: Gina Birch

Florida Beaches with Shallow Water Spots for Small Children

By Gina Birch

Every parent knows that it only takes a little bit of water to create a big safety concern when small children are around. Florida is flanked by beaches, many with shallow drop-offs where it seems as if you can walk for miles and the water is not even waist deep. These are the beaches that give parents that coveted peace of mind about letting the little ones play with abandon.

The Atlantic Ocean on the east coast typically has more waves and the surf can be strong at times, but the artsy Delray Beach is welcoming, with water perfect for wading. 

Just north of Delray is world-famous Daytona Beach. Not only does this beach have a shallow slope, but you can also actually park on it. Load up the car with as many toys, snacks and gear as you can, with no worries about having to drag it all through the dunes; it's literally at your side.

On the west coast of the "Sunshine State," you’ll find the gentler Gulf of Mexico. The water is typically calmer, and there tends to be more shallow drop beach options. This side of the state also has a number of popular barrier islands, but the beaches on them tend to get deeper faster than those on the mainland.

The beaches of Clearwater and St. Petersburg are good candidates for families wanting assurance that the kids can run a considerable distance into the water and still be far above it.

Sarasota has beautiful, shallow beaches with powdery sand; these beaches peacefully caters to families. Travel a litter farther south to Fort Myers Beach, and you’ll find a bit more activity along with the gradual sea slopes.

Also, consider the tides. High tide often provides many more yards of shallow water to frolic in. Don't forget the sunscreen.

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