How to plan your next trip in 5 minutes

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How to plan your next trip in 5 minutes

By Celeste Hawkins

Has planning your next incredible, rejuvenating and care-free vacation . . . ever stressed you out? Whether you’re planning a group trip, couple’s escape, girlfriend getaway or family vacation, a travel agent can make the entire process easier for you and everyone involved. Meanwhile, your sanity remains intact both before and during the trip.

First and foremost, travel agents can recommend the best destinations for your specific trip. But they can do much more than that. Travel specialists can also put together your entire travel itinerary, no matter how complex, so that you don’t have to plan a thing. They’re truly in the business of creating possibilities that most people would have never dreamed were possible.

Yes, travel agents can handle every single aspect of your upcoming trip, from airline tickets to accommodations to ground transportation to various activities, area tours and much more, all while keeping in mind the needs and interests of every member of your travel group.

What’s more, travel specialists also often have exclusive access to expertise, special perks, discounts and quick solutions that aren’t available to the general public. They’re also constantly communicating with the travel community in your intended destination, so they have the most up-to-date information to answer any questions you might have along the way.

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You’re probably sold already. So how do you find an excellent, knowledgeable travel agent, you ask. That’s where Tripology comes in. exists to connect travelers like you with expert trip planners who specialize in the type of trip you wish to take. There are a lot of expert travel professionals out there with useful knowledge and terrific deals, but many people don't have a good way of finding them. And they don't have a good way of finding you. We help you find each other.

How does it work? With Tripology, you tell us where you want to go (say, to Africa) and what you want to do while you're there (say, an adventurous safari in Tanzania). We then send your request to travel agents who specialize in the exact type of trip you're interested in taking.

Usually within a mere 24 hours, you'll receive an email or phone call from up to three travel profesionals who are ready and willing to help you plan your next trip. Choose the one that you like best, and go ahead and book with them directly.

By now you’re surely wondering, “How much is this exceptional service going to cost?” Tripology is absolutely free to travelers. There’s no fine print and no hidden fees. Our specialized agents will contact you with quotes for your planned trip, and then you’ll choose your favorite from there. It’s that easy.

So if you’re willing to get your no-obligation, no-cost travel quotes from professional travel agents who specialize in your destination of choice, then complete this simple form to get started. It takes only a few minutes but can save you hours of time-consuming travel planning in the long run.

When you take five minutes to give us an overview of your travel plans, we’ll do the rest.

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