Most Popular Time to Visit Italy

photo credit: HeartRome

Most Popular Time to Visit Italy

By Maria Pasquale

The warm colors of Italy come out best under the sun. To make sure you get plenty of it, be sure to visit the country in summer.

In the summer, there are the beaches, small towns, Mediterranean islands and Italian cities to explore. Even in early summer, it's possible to swim at beaches around the Mediterranean, though these are in fullest swing during July and August. The warm weather pulls Italians and visitors outside, making the whole country abuzz. 

There are music and food festivals up and down the boot-shaped country, which enliven big and small cities with more visitors. Summer is when Italy comes alive.

If you're not a fan of the heat, then you'll want to come to Italy during the wintertime or spring. The Italian mountains - such as the Dolomites - are a divine destination for skiing, and they fill up with enthusiasts during settimana bianca, or "white week," the traditional week-long ski vacation.

Christmas is another notable time in winter to visit. Italian cities and town turn on their sparkling lights in the narrow streets, and there is a festive spirit that infuses everything down to the hot chocolate in your hands.

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