Ships Great for Group Travel

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Ships Great for Group Travel

By Carrie K., Travel Specialist

Ships for group travel are essential today, as friends and families live across the country. Why not holiday together where the weather is better? A cruise vacation is an excellent vacation idea for the multi-generational family traveling together.

On the larger ships, there is plenty of space to spread out, with numerous activities to amuse and educate on and off the boat. A group trip to Europe by river cruise is very enticing. Your family group will sail in style through Europe on smaller luxury river boats on the great waterways of Europe, such as the Danube, Rhine and the Mosel.

The value of the all-inclusive vacation to Mexico and the Caribbean is hard to match. Extended family groups can eat, drink and be merry for a set price. Add a group excursion or two, and perhaps an upgrade to an oceanfront room, and you’re in paradise.

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