Why Use a Travel Agent for a Hawaiian Vacation

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Why Use a Travel Agent for a Hawaiian Vacation

By Jane B., Hawaii Travel Specialist

For the last year or so the most requested vacation destination at my agency has been Hawaii. Now you might ask “why would someone need a travel agent to go to Hawaii?” After all Hawaii is Paradise and you cannot go wrong so just book it on the Internet!

The first question I ask my prospective Hawaii clients is “which island or islands do you want to go to?” Many times they will say the Island of Waikiki or Honolulu or Hawaii, none of which are the actual names of any of the Islands. (Hawaii is called The Big Island).  Most people, even those who have been to Hawaii before, do not know the difference between the highly commercial Island of Oahu and the secluded Island of Molokai. Will the internet let you know about a place on Waikiki Beach where you can hang with the locals, eat a great
BBQ and watch Friday night fireworks? How about a beach that is only open to tourists on weekends?

Where are the shrimp trucks on the North Shore and what is the name of the awesome snorkeling spot on the North Shore that is 100 times better, in my opinion, then Hanuama bay?

I can go on and on with similar tips for all of the Islands, such as the best way to experience the Volcano on the Big Island, what's the difference between La Haina and Kaanapaili Beach on Maui, and  on what island can you find a 3 mile, 300 feet wide stretch of secluded beach (Molokai). My point is that there is no substitute for booking with an experienced travel agent, especially with a destination so diverse as the Islands of Hawaii.

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